No.7 – 141 Madison Ave

YFD Station 7. Google Maps. July 2011.

Station Designation: Station 7
Address/Cross Street: 141 Madison Ave., Youngstown, Ohio  44505 (Between Elm St and Bryson St)
Architect: E. Rufus Thompson
Construction Began: 1903
Construction End: 1904
Date Opened: January 23, 1904
Date Closed: n/a
Number of Bays: 2
Apparatus Stationed: Hose and Engine Company No 7/Engine 7/Ladder 21/Car 31
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Additional Information:
This city firehouse was opened on January 23, 1904 and is the oldest still operational firehouse in the city. The station originally consisted of three floors but sometime in the 40’s or 50’s, the third floor was removed. In the past, it had been home to Engine 7, Ladder 21, and a Battalion Chief. Today, it houses Engine 7 which flip flops with Engine 2 as the city’s busiest company. This station is first due at Youngstown State University and to downtown responses. In November 2009, the station and the land was sold to US Campus Suites developer Dominic Marchiondo for $1 Million. The station was then leased back to the city to use for $10/year. Talk of building a new station on the Northside are ongoing but nothing has been decided upon yet.

Youngstown Vindicator 1/24/1904.
Youngstown Vindicator 1/24/1904.


Youngstown Telegram 1/25/1904.
Youngstown Telegram 1/25/1904.



  1. On this Station, you stated that there was talk about rebuilding a new fire station #7. Is that still going to be confirmed or is that no longer in the works.

    • A new station on the North Side is still needed. The problem is where the money is going to come from to pay for it. The city sold the property and the station in November 2009 to Dominic Marchiondo and he has been leasing the building back to the city. If he decides he wants to do something with the building and doesn’t renew the city’s lease, the city is going to have to find a new place to house a truck.

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