The YFD Firefighter Database Search is a compilation of data from official fire department records such as seniority lists, employee phone books and log books as well as from newspaper articles.

When I started researching the Youngstown Fire Department and its history, I began with a simple notebook in which I would record firefighters names and other information such as appointment date or retirement date as I was searching through local newspapers. The notebook quickly gave way to a Microsoft Access database which I still rely on today. This Access database now contains over 1200 names and information about the people who made up the Youngstown Fire Department. The data covers both the full time paid department (1891 to the present) and the volunteer fire department (1868-1891).

The database is a work in progress and is based on information I find. I will regularly upload the latest data here so information may change and update as I get new information.

You can help! Any data you want to provide about yourself or a family member who was a firefighter is welcome.

Privacy Statement: Date of births and address information are hidden from this online database for privacy purposes. No personal information is recorded for anyone listed in this database. Addresses of new hires are/were listed in newspaper articles. Marriage information is also recorded publicly in the newspapers.