Line of Duty Death #8 – John Raymond Webb, Firefighter

YFD Line of Duty Death #08
John Raymond Webb, Firefighter

Date of Death: August 28, 1919
Burial Location: Oak Hill Cemetery, Youngstown, OH.

John Raymond Webb had only been a firefighter for just under a year. He worked out of the central station downtown. He was appointed to the department November 25, 1918. On the night of August 25, 1919 at 11:40pm, Webb was responding on the combination hose and chemical engine to an awning fire at a business at 109 South Watt St. The fire truck, driven by William Griffith, was coming east down Front Street approaching Market Street. Meanwhile, a streetcar was coming northbound on Market Street. Both vehicles met at the intersection of Front and Market and there was little either could do to avoid colliding. The driver of the fire truck attempted to swerve the truck to keep from hitting the streetcar but it was of little use. Fireman Webb was standing at the point of the collision and was crushed against the chemical tank and the emergency brake of the apparatus. None of the other firemen on the truck were injured.