Line of Duty Death #7 – Michael J. Coughlin, Firefighter

YFD Line of Duty Death #07
#07 – Michael J. Coughlin, Firefighter

Date of Death: July 30, 1919
Burial Location: Calvary Cemetery, Youngstown, OH.

Michael J. Coughlin had been a member of the city fire department for 18 years. He was appointed on July 12, 1901 and served at the central station downtown before transferring to Station number 2 at Oak and Fruit. At 4:40pm on the afternoon of July 30, 1919, a false alarm was sent from box 42 at Wilson and Shehy. Coughlin responded from Station Number 2 on the fire department’s new Seagrave triple combination pumping, chemical, and hose truck. The apparatus was heading south on Hine Street approaching Himrod Ave. Meanwhile, a streetcar was approaching Hine Street from Himrod. Normally the streetcar would make a safety stop at the bottom of the hill at the intersection of Himrod and Hine but failed to do so. The streetcar was going too fast down Himrod and by the time the streetcar driver attempted to stop the car, it was too late. The streetcar skidded into the intersection just as the fire truck arrived and crashed into the rear section of the truck. The impact threw Coughlin off the truck, onto the pavement and directly into the path of the oncoming streetcar. He was run over by the streetcar which had left the rail and skidded 60 feet on the pavement before hitting the curb.