Line of Duty Death #4 – Albert M. Probst, Captain

YFD Line of Duty Death #04
Albert M. Probst, Captain

Date of Death: June 23, 1904
Burial Location: Oak Hill Cemetery, Youngstown, Ohio

Albert Probst became a member of the fire department on May 4, 1882. He was assigned to Station 1 as a driver and on December 15, 1896, Station 6 in Haselton was opened and Probst was promoted to the Captain in charge. At that time, the Captain was known as the Fire Marshall. At 5:30pm on the day of June 23, 1904, members of the Central Station responded to a large amount of smoke emanating from the Youngstown Consolidated Gas and Electric Companies offices at the corner of Boardman and Champion Streets. The fire started in the walls. The smoke was extremely thick and it took the firefighters several hours to finally find evidence of the fire. Smoke was said to be coming out from between the bricks. As the night progressed and the fire was beginning to get under control, Captain Probst decided to take one final check of the building for fire. The power was cut earlier and the building was dark. Capt. Probst entered the building unaware that the fire had burned a hole in the floor. He was later found in the basement having suffered a broken neck in the fall.