Line of Duty Death #1 – Alexander M.B. Davis.

lod_davis1YFD Line of Duty Death #01
Alexander M.B. Davis, Assistant Chief (Tod Volunteer Fire Company)

Date of Death: March 30, 1888
Burial Location: Calvary Cemetery, Youngstown, Ohio

Not many details are known about the passing of Assistant Chief Alexander Davis of the Tod Volunteer Fire Company. A small blurb in the 1910 History of the Youngstown Fire Department Book read as follows

The only member of the volunteers who met death in the performance of duty was Alex. Davis, who is responding to an alarm, and in attempting to mount the hook and ladder truck while on its way to a fire, was thrown under the wheels at the corner of Federal and Hazel streets and received injuries that caused his death later at the hospital (p.30).

Attempts to locate any type of obituary have thus far been unsuccessful because of a lack of archived newspapers for that time period.  An article in the Youngstown Vindicator on December 19, 1909 provided some additional information on the passing of Alex Davis. The article talks about the “old fire bell” which at the time of writing was located in the tower of the central fire station. Over 30 years ago, the bell was placed in the tower of Youngstown’s only fire station and not only summoned firefighters to the station when necessary, it also rang in many important occasions. One section of the article reads as follows…

One of the saddest occasions on which the fire bell was sounded was when Alexander Davis, assistant chief of the old volunteers, was buried several years ago. Davis has been injured three years previous to his death by falling under the truck at Hazel and Federal Streets. He was a volunteer and worked in an establishment on West Federal Street. One day the fire bell sounded and he ran to Federal and Hazel to catch the truck. In trying to jump onto the wagon he fell and was crushed under its wheels. He was practically an invalid afterwards. The bell which had called him out on the occasion of his injuries was sounded as his funeral was held and as he was lowered into his grave.

Several members of the Dawson Fire Company of Warren, Ohio attended the funeral.