2017-10-26 – 110 W. Federal – CSF

At 11:29, Squad 33 and Ladder 24 were dispatched to The Federal Restaurant at 110 W Federal Street Downtown for a commercial fire alarm. Squad 33 (Running Spare Engine 5) arrived on scene and requested a box alarm assignment for that location. Engines 7, 6, 2, 3, Ladder 24, Ladder 22 (Did not respond) and Battalion 1 (Running with Battalion 3) responded. Companies were already enroute downtown and were able to step up their response. Crews quickly identified the cause of the trouble and traced it back to the building’s heating system which was activated for the first time. All companies went back in service 15 minutes after the initial alarm.



Photos by Greg Ricker, youngstownfire.com Webmaster.

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