2016/05/10 – 15 W Midlothian Blvd – Car vs Building



The Boardman Police Department was sent to Hillman Way between W. Midlothian and Preswick Dr for a male passed out in his vehicle. As the Boardman Police Officers approached the vehicle, the driver woke up, put the car in gear and hit the accelerator. The vehicle jumped the curb, crossed Hillman Way and hit the Burger King building. The subject then tried to back out after hitting the restaurant and hit a Boardman Police SUV. The officers were able to secure the vehicle and Boardman Fire and private EMS were dispatched. Since the building was located within the city limits, Youngstown Police were also dispatched to assist. Youngstown Fire Engine 2 and Battalion 2 were dispatched for a car into a building. Firefighters secured the vehicle , determined no utilities were involved and the building was still structurally sound. Engine 2 remained on scene until a board up company arrived. Ohio State Patrol was notified to investigate the accident involving the BPD cruiser.

Photos by Greg Ricker, youngstownfire.com Webmaster.

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