2012/10/24 – Sheridan and Lenox – 3 WSFs

Photo courtesy of Lauren DeWindt.

Companies began at 7:10 Wednesday morning with a working structure fire on Sheridan on the city’s Southeast side. Additional crews were send to two simultaneous fires on Lenox just a few streets away.

07:10 – 3514 Sheridan E9,2,6,S33,L24,B1,2 – VSF
07:26 – 3228 Lenox between Pine Hollow and Comley. E3,15,7,12,L22,B1 – Fire in a 2 STY wood frame residential
08:00 – 3429 Lenox. 917 has another fire. 2 spares, E7, E3. Smoke showing on arrival.


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