2016/2010 Pierce Impel XM

Manufacturer: Pierce
Model: Impel XM
Pump: 1250 GPM
Tank: 750 Gallons
Ladder Length: n/a
Type: Pumper
Order Date:
Delivery Date: July 11, 2016.
In Service Date: n/a
Retired Date: n/a
Disposal Date: n/a
Companies served: Engine 2
Relocation Info: n/a
Shop Number: (Used on apparatus for identification in the early 1980’s): n/a
Manufacturer Order Number: Pierce Job Number 22299

Additional Information:
Ex-Bluffton, SC Engine 325. Purchased from Palmetto Fire Apparatus in Ridgeland, SC.

Photos from the Palmetto Fire Apparatus Web Site.

Photos by Greg Ricker, youngstownfire.com Webmaster.

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